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  • I am a performer of Spirituality in Action

  • As a Course Facilitator, Public Speaker, and Author with a special interest in Organizational Behavior, I apply my mission of motivation in every area I get involved in.

  • Acceptance, understanding, and consequently: growth, opportunity, distinction, honesty, mutual respect, and progress through mutual motivation, are my drivers.

  • My work and insights matter in Educational as well as in Corporate settings, because we are all spiritual beings with a human experience.

  • The difference I make is valuable, because there are still too few organizations that understand the need for people to feel "at home" while "at work".

  • The reason I stand out is because of my broader perspective, gained through years of successfully living and working in two completely different environments (USA / Suriname). I understand difference. Difference is useful, only if we realize its value for one another.

  • My teachings in Business Leadership are enriched by my cultural history and my ability to function well in democratic, as well as non-democratic environments. I value freedom because I have dealt with obtruded boundaries.

  • Being the Master of my own Universe, I prevent myself from becoming obsolete by keeping my eyes open, and listening to others.

  • As CEO of my life, and manager of my spirituality, I carry the trademark of serenity, combined with a well-balanced approach, capability to understand other's points of view, and an empathetic ear.

  • The power of "positivity" is my most important work-tool.

  • I am a Free Agent, attracting the right clients (those who also want to start thinking "free") toward my business. My clients are individuals and organizations with a need to increase work-satisfaction.

  • My conviction is, that work should be fun, not just a job. ("If you're not having fun, you're not doing the right thing" - Tom Peters. "If you do what you enjoy, you never work" - Lao Tzu")

  • I am the Company; my employers are my Clients. My Clients may count on service and dedication to my best capabilities.

  • Enhancing the quality of my life along with the lives of others is my biggest project. What's yours?

Declaration of Independence

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