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Sun in my eyes, wind from behind
The freeway roars; it's the end of the day
A hopeful glimpse of the future crosses my mind:
A sunny path ahead - and a breeze to ease the way.

The weather is soft as melted butter
Leaves celebrate their freedom on the ground
Two birds compete for peanuts while their wings flutter
A few lost pages wave as the wind begins to mount

An eagle expresses something, maybe just his need
The sound of different birds escorts the other noise
An ant is making way through the concrete
The air smells like summer, yet spring displays its poise

No need for nightlights yet, for the sun's a lasting husk
It's cooling down, the leaves perform their duty
The birds hastily spy for some last bites at dusk
My heart beats in the rhythm of nature's beauty.

Joan Marques

Copyright ©2002 Joan Marques


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